What Is The Difference Between Digital Health And Healthcare IT?
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What Is The Difference Between Digital Health And Healthcare IT?

The medical industry has undergone significant developments over the last 2-3 decades. As a result, several new concepts have been included in medical knowledge, including digital technologies and information technology. As a result, a plethora of medical and health specialties are coming into being.

However, you must have become familiarised with two terms, digital health and health IT. Although they sound similar, there are prominent differences between these two. In the medical world, healthcare IT and digital health play crucial roles in ensuring physical and mental well-being.

Therefore, this article will highlight the differences between digital health and health IT through comparative analysis.

What Is Digital Health?

Digital health aligns medication’s craft and science improvement to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). It has always been a challenge to bring new information to the assistance of patients in a fair manner. However, digital health has helped considerably in this regard.

It encompasses a wide range of technologies that aim to provide person-focused healthcare to the general public and community. In addition to this, the training educating healthcare professionals, provision of crucial health information to lay people have become more manageable with digital health.

Furthermore, it also involves encouraging them to share their health and illness information, self-care, and promotion of well-being. On a more detailed note, the confluence of the digital and genomic revolutions with life, society, health, and healthcare is actually called digital health.

Many nations advocate it to provide individuals access to personalized treatments and care by eliminating loopholes in the healthcare system.

What Is Healthcare IT?

Healthcare IT is a pretty recent concept that has arrived in global healthcare a few years back only. Mainly Western Countries were the pioneers to introduce informatics in healthcare. During the 1950s and 1960s, it emerged as a new genre of study, but it has only lately acquired momentum.

It is a fast-growing scientific area that uses IT to manage patient health records. The main objective here is to improve integration among the health services of numerous healthcare providers.

Health IT gives physicians, researchers, and healthcare providers the necessary tools to extract information from data. Furthermore, Health IT also contributes to converting this information into rich insights.

What Are The Differences Between Digital Health And Healthcare IT?

Now that you know what digital health and healthcare IT is, let us now check the differences. It is quite evident that health IT differs from digital health in several respects. But you may find it difficult to detect those distinguishable areas due to a similarity in their nature.

As a result, we have compared them based on three crucial points, concept, role, and technology. In this way, it will become simpler for you to learn the distinctness in a detailed manner.

1. Role

Digital health uses information and communication tools for delivering health services and nurture better wellbeing and health among the community. On the other hand, health IT is a science-based advanced field that uses information technology to regulate health records for promoting communication and collaboration among health providers.

2. Concept

Digital health prevents the divergence of the genomic and digital revolution from society, lifestyle, and public health. The aim is to optimize people’s health and the quality of services provided, therefore enhancing the overall experience of providers and non-providers.

Oppositely, health IT is only about information and data and how healthcare providers can utilize those to fulfill the unmet needs of individuals. Most of the time, health informatics seeks to improve all elements of healthcare. Therefore, it is accountable for the patients and enterprise-wide information frameworks plan, improvement, investigation, and utilization.

3. Technology

Digital health basically consists of digital technologies like mobile health (or mHealth), wearable devices such as activity trackers, telemedicine, and telehealth. These are some of the popular examples that are evolving rapidly. Furthermore, because of the easy accessibility to mobile phones, the notion of remote healthcare has attained feasibility and scalability.

On the other hand, health IT  comprises scientific information and the integration of biomedicine, people, and technology. Health informatics is concerned with data, knowledge, and insights and the responsibilities of healthcare professionals concerning those.


After reading this article, we hope you understood how distinctive healthcare IT is from digital health. But needless to say that they are deeply interrelated to each other. This relationship has basically formed a network that is ensuring safe, high-quality, and integrated healthcare worldwide.

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What Is The Difference Between Digital Health And Healthcare IT?

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