What is Virtual Wound Management?
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What is Virtual Wound Management?

 How Does it Make Changes in Healthcare?

 “In a chronically leaking boat, changing vessels is more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks” – Warren Buffet.

What is virtual wound management?

The virtual word suggests that “it will connect online.” Virtual wound management is the smartest feature in the healthcare industry that brings patient’s and doctor’s suggestions to an online platform.

Recently, Swift Medical,  a healthcare startup, has secured $43 million to cater to its needs in northern America. Basically, Swift Medical has come up with artificial intelligence (AI), which measures the wound and its progress.

Adding to that, it provides wound care visualization and 3D measurement with the help of the software. It scales up every detail with scheduling, suggesting, and picture upload action/profiling.

How does it work with AI technologies?

  • AI technology has innovated better initiated and improved care.
  • The technology helps in increase in detection for chronic disease and improvise overall clinical standards.
  • Artificial intelligence is to deliver a motto for preventing disease.

Swift’s product has served 10,000 beds in North America very efficiently and economically. In addition, it is the best product feedback to the healthcare industry, which provides a useful electronic platform in the health industry.

Benefits of virtual wound care platform:

  • Access quality and affordability:

Increasing the accessibility to healthcare with high electronic speed empowers time efficiency in the pandemic era, where social distancing is a blessing for the people. In that situation, wound care technology plays a crucial role in care and management.

  • Timely access to wound specialists and interdisciplinary teams :

There are regular wait times for access to the right treatment by the appropriate healthcare professionals expertizing in wound care. Virtual care has the potential to decrease time to expedite important care.

  • Access to personal health records for patients:

Ready to reach all by timely communication, expedite care and improve across all sectors. As a patient, someone wants to follow by with dosage and other information.

  • Improvise through digital health technology:

As the usage of artificial intelligence drives features, it will improvise the digital platform wound technology and make it more sustainable. Moreover, with the help of technology, one should get easy access to emergency needs and care management.

An existing scenario of virtual wound management in Canada:

As Canada’s wound management market will grow 5.0% CAGR (2021-2027), Per-capita spending for wound care in Canada is the highest in the world. The highest care encourages the Canadian government to indulge in-process, and perception among the patient is increasing.

  • Market pointers of virtual wound care in Canada:

Market pointers are chronic diseases like diabetes which take a huge time to cure the wound, and at this period of time, 8 out of 10 people have such diseases. Therefore, virtual wound care boosts in the market for a valid reason and acceptance.

Due to chronic wounds, it will take a long time to cure because of infection, allergic reaction, and insufficient blood supply to the organs. All these complications will demand virtual care in healthcare.

What are the challenges in virtual wound care management?

  • Fragment electronics health record for all members of patients circle care:

A patient’s record currently has multiple redundancies, delayed information, and limited access to the patient’s health records because the information is shared by fax or email.

  • Digital health literacy:

The group of patients having low literacy rates faces problems in accessing the technology. The skills are required to use technology to navigate the healthcare system.

An individual with low literacy is keen to face more troubles in attempting health technology and other healthcare applications.


Market Opportunities for Digital Wound care

The Asia Pacific market is expected to witness high growth shortly owing to the high growth potential showcased by emerging countries such as India and China.

Covid-19 is expected to adversely affect the growth of the wound care market in the initial phase of the forecast period.

Moreover, expected to balance in the latter half of the forecast period.

As we talked about above, the chronic diseases increasing in every country tremendously will boost the growth in wound care management.

Other foreign countries like the northern states of America, Canada had already pitched their growth far ahead of the marked level.

Virtual health, one of many technologies within the digital health platform, has a history of successful implementation.

The opportunity exists to align with the Canadian medical association’s task force to increase the adoption of virtual care across the continuum of care in Canada. Now it is time to change the boats and not the vessels only. Top healthcare developers will continue to make more inventions for the public well-being.

What is Virtual Wound Management?

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