Widgets for an Awesome Physical Therapy Clinic Website
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Widgets for an Awesome Physical Therapy Clinic Website

Gone are the days when automation meant rows of machines on an assembly line, churning out products, and taking over human jobs. Instead, today’s technological advancements help businesses automate and streamline all their processes and communicate more effectively with clients.

Gone are the days when automation meant rows of machines on an assembly line, churning out products, and taking over human jobs. Instead, today’s technological advancements help businesses automate and streamline all their processes and communicate more effectively with clients.

If you have never considered how automation could improve your physical therapy practice, you should start now. There are scads of widgets out there to help you save time and reshape the way you grow relationships with your clients.

Give the tools listed here a try, and watch the quality and quantity of your leads grow.

  1. HIPAA Compliant Communication

An explosion of telehealth services resulting from the COVID pandemic has created new ways for you to talk with and help people whose schedules make in-person appointments difficult. Telehealth tools can also help you reduce no-shows and reach stubborn patients who avoid the doctor’s office, reminding them of the importance of their treatments.

They need to be HIPAA compliant to get the most from features like chat, video appointments, and texts. In addition, your PT site should integrate software that keeps data breaches at bay.

Tools like the one offered by Practis in partnership with OhMD—a HIPAA Compliant Patient Communication solution—organize your electronic health records (EHR) and let your staff communicate with clients securely and privately.

  1. HIPAA Compliant Forms
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In addition to its communication widgets, Practis offers a tool for HIPAA Compliant Intake Forms. As a result, you don’t have to ask patients to arrive early to provide their information. Instead, direct them to your website to complete intake forms and update medical information from home.

This widget supports the secure upload of medical records, reports, insurance cards, and e-signatures. You can also use it to make health assessments and offer social media quizzes for marketing and engagement.

  1. Automatic Pricing Tools

Another tool offered by Practis is the Healthcare Price Transparency Tool. Pricing transparency laws for hospitals have been expanded as recently as January 2021, and consumers are getting used to the convenience they offer.

An extra perk of the tool is that you can stand out from your competition by offering services or products at lower prices than your rivals, as clearly shown by your estimates. Price transparency could become one of your most beneficial marketing tools.

  1. Online Bill Pay

Today, most people are paying more than half of their bills online. According to a Yahoo Finance study, many would even be willing to switch to a different provider that offers an online bill pay option. iHealthSpot Interactive provides a platform for online bill pay that is HIPAA compliant and can save you money.

  1. Accessibility Features

Accessibility widgets allow you to serve a broader population, including the hearing and visually impaired, the elderly, and those with mobility limitations and other disabilities.

With accessibility widgets, clients can

  • switch to keyboard navigation
  • adjust their screen contrast
  • stop animations
  • turn on a screen reader
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The Userway Automated Website Accessibility tool is one widget that will meet your web design needs for ADA and WCAG compliance and improve your customer service delivery.

  1. Communication Management Systems (CMS)

No matter what is going on in the world, you always need to provide stellar customer service, whether in person or online. The Communication Management System offered by Binoteli will help you track communications with clients, gathering the information you can use to streamline scripts, improve sales techniques, and enhance customer relationship-building.

  1. Consolidation for Apps

With Thryv, you can message, manage, and market to your customers using one platform. It’s like a virtual administrative assistant that lets you gather information at a glance, including payments, calendar items, and messages, all on one dashboard.

Use Thryv to schedule automated marketing campaigns and launch marketing tools. In addition, Thryv lets you access your customer ratings and highlights the strengths and weaknesses in your service delivery for an improved user experience.

  1. Google Reviews

No matter how good you are at streamlining your business processes and delivering great client services, many consumers will not be convinced of your value until someone else confirms it. With a Google Reviews widget, you can harness the power of social proof and improve your Google search engine rankings.

Regarding WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are popular because they provide a wide selection of customizable templates and easy-to-use business tools. These themes practically layout your website for you, with elements that display your info effectively, let you adjust color schemes to suit your brand, and optimally layout your visual and text elements.

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Make the Most of Widgets with Expert Help

Installing widgets on your website can take some time, but the rewards will be undeniable. So put these tools to work on your physical therapy web development project to start generating more leads and helping more clients improve their health ASAP.

Widgets for an Awesome Physical Therapy Clinic Website


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